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Denali Consulting helps entrepreneurs have a life (and avoid No Life Syndrome) while they are growing their business. Ultimately, the goal is to create a business that is an asset and can be operated for short periods, like a vacation, or extended periods by their team fearlessly operating the company.

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Dr. Lance Knaub

I help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve:

  • Balance in life

  • A business that supports your life (rather than being a slave to it)

  • A process/systems driven business NOT people driven business

  • An asset with strong growth and profitability

  • Legacy


My goal was to create a business that would support my personal and family goals and allow me to do what I truly love and want to do and not what I have to do.  I am very excited to have made it this far along my entrepreneurial journey so that I can help share my skills and passion with you and your small business. Business coaching and developing people has now become my primary passion. 

My specialties/niches are:

  • Entrepreneurs feeling stressed and fatigued/not taking care of themselves/feeling like they don’t have a life and don’t have balance in their life.

  • Leaders or owners struggling with the organization’s financial health and cash flow/performance/results.

  • Leaders who recognize they need personal and professional development- time management, executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning assistance, marketing business planning assistance, operational assistance, project management, or accountability support.

  • Businesses considering partnerships, planning their succession/exit plans.

  • Businesses planning/preparing to exceed $1Million in revenue.

  • Businesses attempting to expand to a second location (or additional location).

  • Family business: family members working together in business who need coaching on how to work together successfully.


My goal is to be a great coach for you, and to make you successful with your specific goals while developing your skills.  As you develop your skills, you will need less of my assistance over time and become independent.   

For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please visit our services page.

Dr. Lance Knaub
Dr. Lance Knaub

Milestone Accomplishments:

  • 2003: Appointed Adjunct Assistant Professor at Rutgers University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program and I continue to teach in Orthopedics, specifically post operative knee treatment including ACL reconstruction. I have instructed in Anatomy and Exercise Physiology previously. 

  • 2004: In June of 2004 Breakthru was born with humble beginnings renting 300 square feet within a boutique fitness center in Medford, NJ.

  • 2005: Purchased the fitness company we were renting from, EverFit.

  • 2006: We expanded into a 6000 square foot state of the art physical therapy and fitness space (not initially realizing banks would not loan for fit outs on leased space).

  • 2007: We surpassed 1 million dollars in revenue.

    • We expanded to a second location in September 2007.   

    • Recognized as the Best Physical Therapy Practice in the Nation by Advance Newsmagazine for excellence in clinical care, innovation, and personalized attention. (Advance only provides this recognition one time to any organization).

  • 2016: We proudly brought on our first partner Dr. Kevin Schnitzer. 

  • 2017: We proudly brought on our second partner Dr. Nate Steltz. 

    • We have grown to 5 fully operating locations and team of over 40 amazing people.

    • We uniquely bring together fitness and physical therapy.

    • We uniquely bring together the medical and fitness industries.  

    • We have developed an outstanding leadership team, and I have replaced all of my management hats.

  • 2018: Our third partner Dr. Nick Nolan joined us.

    • Our leadership team has taken over operating the company, and we achieved our forecast.

  • 2019: Lance completed the rough draft of his book on how to grow a business AND avoid having no life/overwhelm/overstress/overfatigue.

  • 2020: Lance launched the Kindle version of his book "The 4% Break-Thru".

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