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The 4% Break-Thru


Transform Stress         Super Hero Success

Free Resources Included

  • Personal Mission Statement Worksheet

  • Perfect Life Examples and Lance’s Perfect Life 

  • Entire Life Reflection Document 

  • Success Schedule Template 

  • Organizational Charts & Examples

  • Breakthru Process Document 

  • Business Plan Template 

Why This Book Will Change Your Life...

From The Desk of Lance Knaub:


Hello fellow entrepreneurs,


Thank you for considering The 4% Break-Thru. It is my honor to share ALL the information and lessons I’ve learned through “on the job training” during the 15 years of scaling my business to a 5 location, multi-million dollar company where our team bravely operates the business without me in charge of the day to day. 


I understand those of you who are feeling overstressed, overwhelmed, overworked, overfatigued, overweight, burned out, and out of control. I have been there as you will read in my introduction. 


Fortunately, through solid support from amazing mentors and persistence, I was able to pick myself up through my many failures and mistakes and persevere to this point. Today, our company has 50 plus extraordinary people, healthy profitability, and strong revenue growth.  


If you invest a few hours of your time by reading the wealth of applicable knowledge in this book, I can give you years back on your life. By allowing me to share my stories and guide you sequentially through the 4% Break-Thru process you too can join the 4% of small business owners that survive more than 10 years. Better yet, instead of just barely beating the 96% of small businesses that fail, through these methods I believe you will thrive. You have the opportunity to reclaim your time, energy and results while creating the life you love. The only question now is, will you join the 4%?


In Health, 

Dr. Lance Knaub 


10 Ways This Book Will Improve Your Business

  • Learn how to spend time ON your business rather than just working IN your business.

  • Take time to set a vision for your life and LIVE it each day.

  • Craft your INNER CIRCLE and surround yourself with people whose skills are stronger than yours.

  • Improve your communication and become a MASTER at clarifying the instructions you give to your employees.

  • Establish key indicators and processes in order to maximize efficiency and revenue.

  • Think like a franchisor while creating the systems and processes your business needs to grow.

  • Discover the ONE reason you're failing to make good decisions every day.

  • Perform at a higher level and give yourself the edge you need to reach the 4%. 

  • Prioritize exercise more to promote sustainability in your professional and entrepreneurial life and avoid burnout.

  • Sleep better knowing your business is growing strong and take time to care for your health. 


Gary Steel.jpg

Gary Steel


Steel Media

"Dr. Lance Knaub has written a roadmap for success in business and in life. I’ll be putting this in my toolbox for marketing planning, and will be using it over and over."


Alex Papasavas

Managing Partner

Ardent Blue Technologies

"The 4% Break-Thru does a marvelous job of looking at the big picture, which is not just success in business but achieving it in a healthy manner. It promotes effective techniques that helps one prioritize the important things across the board so they can effectively balance a successful business and a healthy personal life."

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 7.40.11 PM.png

Amit Gaglani


Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehab

“As an entrepreneur himself, Dr. Lance Knaub has a masterful way of taking you through a custom built step by step success plan.”

Table of Contents



Foreword by John Lee Dumas




Self -Assessment 


Section 1. This Is All About YOU. 

Take Some Time for Yourself for a Change, for Personal Development.


Chapter 1. What is your Purpose and Mission in Life?


Chapter 2. Creating Your Perfect Life 


Chapter 3. Entire Life Reflection Exercise


Chapter 4. How Well Do You Know Yourself?


Chapter 5. Have You Created Your “Success Schedule”?


Section 2. This Is All About YOUR TEAM.

This Section Contains Some of the Most Boiled Down Best Business Practices.


Chapter 6. Does Your Company Have Some Basic (Written) Structure? 


Chapter 7. Does Everyone Know Their Primary and Specific Job Functions?


Chapter 8. Do You Have Your Processes/Systems Documented? 

(At Least the Core Ones?)


Chapter 9. Have You Completed the Process of a Basic Business Plan?


Chapter 10. Have You Completed a Business Skills Assessment to Identify What Skill Gaps Exist Within Your Team?


Section 3: This Is All About YOUR HEALTH.

This Section Is Packed with Actionable Health Information That You Can Approach One Step at a Time.  


Chapter 11. Are You “Getting Your Mind Right” Every Day? (Daily Mind Ritual)

The Brain Game 


Chapter 12. Are You Keeping Hydrated, and Eating Healthy Meals Consistently? 

Drink Water and Prioritize Healthy Eating 


Chapter 13.  Are You Sleeping Enough? 

Sleeping or Dozing?


Chapter 14.  Are You Exercising Regularly?

RHR (Resting Heart Rate) vs ROI


Chapter 15. Do You Have Good Posture/Healthy Work Space Design? 

Slouches Become Ouches

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