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Entrepreneurs Watch This!

This Opportunity Will Improve Your Business

JOLT Session Will Help You

  • Assess current challenges and clarify where your business currently stands.


  • Update or create your Company Mission, Vision, Target/Segment, Strategy, Objectives, Critical Success Factors, and Actions.

  • Review and prioritize all next steps with correlating deadlines.

  • Document monthly actions and targets for the next year.

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A snapshot of the JOLT Business Planner you will gain access to along with your one-on-one planning session. 

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Jeremiah Fox

Della Restaurant Owner, 

Host of The Entrepreneurial Web Radio,

Chairman of Windsor Terrace Food Coop/GM of Windsor Wine Group 


"I really loved the JOLT. It was 10 times more than I thought we could accomplish. Now I know exactly what to do next."


Joe Kelly

Owner The Clip-On Guys,

Insight Group, Model Guru

"The JOLT business plan delivered exactly as promised, a “fast and functional” 12 month action plan which is invaluable, so I can launch my new business Model Guru, to serve my clints better and add another revenue stream. I've been running my business successfully for 20 years but could not breakthru to the next level. Sometimes it takes an outside expert to help, and in 2 hours I was shown some obvious mistakes I was making and am now on a better path."


Mike Quick


Owner LivWell Home Care, 

Five Time NFL Pro Bowl Selection 

"What was best about the JOLT is that everyone knew exactly what to do."

Client Testimonials


From The Desk of Dr. Lance Knaub:


Hello fellow entrepreneurs,


It is my honor to share ALL the information and lessons I’ve learned through “on the job training” during the 17 years of scaling my business to a 5 location, multi-million dollar company with double digit profitability, where our fearless leadership operates our thriving business. 


I understand those of you who are feeling overstressed, overwhelmed, overworked, overfatigued, overweight, burned out, and out of control. I have been there (Check out my book’s intro for the full story). 


Fortunately, through solid support from amazing mentors and persistence, I was able to pick myself up through my many failures and mistakes and persevere to this point. Today, our company has 50 plus extraordinary people, healthy profitability, and strong revenue growth.  


If you invest 1-2 hours of your time by working through this JOLT Business Planner, I believe it will give you years back on your life and help you escape the business haze and day to day mayhem. You have the opportunity to reclaim your time, energy and results while creating the life you love. The only question now is, will you take strategic action?


In Health, 

Dr. Lance Knaub 

JOLT Session Breakdown

- Company Mission & Vision Rediscovery


- Target Audience / Segment Research

- Business Strategy Development

- Primary Objective Discussion

- Next Step Documentation

- Set Business Targets

Action Items


Total Value







Actual Cost



JOLT Session
2 hr
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