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Introducing the JOLT Business Vision Mastermind with AutoConversion

JOLT Business Vision Mastermind

The information and lessons I’ve learned through on-the-job training during the 17 years of scaling my physical therapy and fitness business to a five-location, multi-million dollar company with double digit profitability are what led me introducing the JOLT Sessions about two years ago. And now I am pleased to announce an evolution in the program - the JOLT Business Vision Mastermind with AutoConversion.

The JOLT Sessions offered here on our website are a 2-hour immersive consultative experience designed to help you achieve four core objectives:

  1. Assess current challenges and clarify where your business currently stands.

  2. Update or create your Company Mission, Vision, Target/Segment, Strategy, Objectives, Critical Success Factors, and Actions.

  3. Review and prioritize all next steps with correlating deadlines.

  4. Document monthly actions and targets for the next year.

Benefactors of the JOLT Sessions have testified to having transformative experiences that deeply impact their businesses, and their approach to profitability. But reality is that while the sessions themselves are effective, it is the work that you as the entrepreneur put into what you learned from the sessions that ultimately leads to your success.

Most business owners need some level of ongoing support for planning and profiting. Which is why we also offer Mastermind Groups and 1-on-1 Coaching. And now, in partnership with AutoConversion, we have an entirely new offering with the JOLT Business Vision Mastermind.

Media, Advertising, & Technology w/ AutoConversion

One thing that every business needs in order to succeed is growth. Not just growth in customers and revenue, but in profit, as well. And while the Denali Consulting team has the profit process down to a science, (you) the business owner must find ways to reach new audiences, acquire new customers, and retain them for as long as necessary.

No matter what type of business you own and/or operate, creating awareness of your products and services requires some form of advertising. Whether it’s networking, word-of-mouth advertising, or paid placement, time and money are the key resources for your marketing strategy. And advertising requires some form of content.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Content is King” which can mean different things to different people. Content is “king” because it is necessary for advertising, informing, educating, entertaining and delighting your audience. Which is why Denali Consulting has partnered with AutoConversion, a media, advertising, and technology company that offers media and public relations as a service.

Media (content) and public relations (advertising) are two core areas of focus at AutoConversion and with this partnership we are combining part of AutoConversion’s “growth” strategy with Denali Consulting’s “profit” strategy. By participating in the JOLT Business Vision Mastermind, you will have access not only to excellent coaching resources but also powerful technology and a turnkey editorial process that helps you create amazing content for your media and public relations strategy.

JOLT Business Vision Mastermind

JOLT Business Vision was designed for business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs committed to having a clear plan for their business and who are committed to their online presence and reputation, alas a media and public relations strategy.

That’s what makes this program unique. You are part of a community of other business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs with a shared focus…

  • A Business Plan designed for profitability

  • An Omni-Channel Multi Media Public Relations Strategy

This program equips you with people, tools, and resources to keep your business profitable, aligned with your personal vision, and with a professional media and public relations strategy. It weaves select elements from two powerful programs into one single program at an incredibly low price.

Find out more at AutoConversion with the link below where you can sign up free to get started and then upgrade to the premium level when the time is right for you.

By doing so, you will receive a free copy Denali's JOLT Planner Worksheet and a copy of AutoConversion's B2B Demand Generation Guide, just for signing up. Plus, you will also receive a complimentary pass to our twice-monthly mastermind on Clubhouse called, Say No To Murphy! where up to 4 participants each get 15 minutes with me to evaluate your current business plan. This alone is a $50 value that you get absolutely free just for signing up.

So what are you waiting for. Go here and sign up to get started absolutely free with no risk, commitment, or obligation to pay until the time is right for you.

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