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JOLT Into Strategic Action

Have you ever received the business advice to "just take action"? 96% of business owners take action without a business plan, almost the same percentage of businesses that fail within ten years. Without a strategic business plan, it's likely your business will fall into this statistic and fail.

Create the Revenue Streams of Your Dreams with Lance Knaub.
Become A Part Of The 4% Of Businesses That Succeed.
Dr. Lance Knaub, Founder of Denali Consulting was interviewed on the award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire hosted by John Lee Dumas. Lance shares why business plans are crucial to business success and a solution he offers to simplify the business planning process.

As a busy business executive or entrepreneur, working on demanding day-to-day tasks often can prevent strategic planning. The thought of developing a business plan can also be stressful and overwhelming.

Dr. Lance Knaub suggests spending time to reflect and work on the business regularly.

"We need quiet focus time without distractions. This will allow you to have 'aha' moments and breakthroughs" (Dr. Lance Knaub).

Introspective work can help you focus on what's most important to your business's success. For business leaders, it is pivotal to preventing burn-out and creating a happier and healthier life (and business).

If your team needs more support developing a strategic business plan or business vision clarity, Denali Consulting offers a tool to help. The JOLT Business Planner is a fast, functional, and actionable business strategy tool to help your business clearly define and achieve its goals!

Are you ready to JOLT into strategic action? Connect one-on-one with Lance Knaub and create a functional business plan HERE.

Do you have a question about the JOLT Business Plan? Leave a comment below and we'll answer your question.

Listen to the complete Entrepreneurs on Fire episode, Create the Revenue Streams of Your Dreams with Lance Knaub.


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